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Can't connect to this network
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Subject: Can't connect to this network
Posted by: westinbrodey of
Hello all,

My computer had Wi-Fi connected before but I came home today and I booted up my computer and I noticed that my Wi-Fi isn't connected automatically. At first I thought it was just a bug or something but i tried to connect it manually and it kept saying "can't connect to this network" I tried like 5 times and it still wouldn't connect. I connected to my old Wi-Fi connection but it's not as fast as my current one is. The old connection is 802.11n which is slow. The new one is 802.11ac which is fast. The 802.11ac is the one that keeps saying "can't connect to this network." I tried to do in settings forget network and that didn't work. Any help will be appreciated. I don't wanna factory reset my pc again. WAIT it's working now I just needed to reset my Wi-Fi where the modem is.

Thank you

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