Good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team play and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent citizens.

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U9 Girls - Triton

The Ipswich U9 girls brought a great attitude and fierce skills to the scrimmage against Triton this past Saturday. With Gracyn Cummins and Phoebe Allen making a combined seven saves and allowing only one goal the Triton girls had to work hard to keep the Ipswich offense at bay. Even with great goalie skills from the Triton side (they borrowed Ipswich coaches’ daughters U11 players Abby Allen and Reid Johnson) goals were scored by a bevy of Ipswich players including Phoebe Allen, Vivian Bodycombe, Gracyn Cummins, Natalie Elder, Ella McCarthy, Zoe Pincus and Ella Schofield. Eleanor Corcoran, Alli Colannino, Cabot Johnson, Elliott Sinausky, and Maddie Machaiek facilitated play in the midfield while Paige Donahue and Hazel Cormier worked hard on defense. The catch of the day goes to birthday girl Isabella Racho who intercepted a Triton ball in front of the Ipswich goal with a weak side reverse stick catch at knee level- holy cow! Each game we find more to be excited by with these Ipswich girls.


U9 Girls - Peabody

After a muddy victory against Triton on Saturday, the Ipswich U9 girls showed up Sunday ready to play a tiny but hard-working Peabody team. With goalie Cabot Johnson making six awesome saves in the first half and Isabel Welenc holding down the goal second half, the goalies earned a season first shut out! On offense Phoebe Allen, Paige Donahue, Natalie Elder, Isabella Racho, Elliott Sinausky, and Isabel Welenc all scored from assists by Hazel Cormier, Gracyn Cummins, Paige Donahue, Cabot Johnson, Maddie Machaiek, and Zoe Pincus. Phoebe Allen, Natalie Elder, and Cabot Johnson gained possession of a combined 34 (!) ground balls, and word on the street is that Coach Jen owes the team two more cartwheels for the team's combined 5 caught interceptions! Ella McCarthy was indispensable on defense and midfield, Vivian Bodycombe kept the ball moving for offense, and Ella Schofield facilitated play in the midfield. We watch these athletes in wonder each week; these sweet, smart, hard-working Ipswich U9 girls just keep getting better!