Good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team play and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent citizens.

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U9 Girls

The Ipswich Tigers showed up to Lynnefield’s turf ready to play, but a slow first half left the two teams tied. Stalwart play by our two first year goalies, Paige Donahue and Elliott Sinausky kept us in the game capped by a beautiful save by Sinausky in the last ten seconds of the game. Goals were scored by Phoebe Allen, Hazel Cormier, Natalie Elder, Maddie Machaiek, Ella McCarthy, Zoe Pincus, and Isabel Welenc, with assists from Allen, Vivian Bodycombe, Eleanor Corcoran, Cabot Johnson, and Gracyn Cummins. Strong defense by Ella Scofield, Alli Colannino, and Isabella Racho held the Lynnefield girls to one goal in the second half. At halftime we asked each of our girls to think of something out on the field they could do better in the second half than they did first half. And we our proud to say, each and every girl did! We couldn't ask for more. Go, Ipswich!


U11 Boys


May 18

Ipswich played Triton this past Friday the 18th. as a make up game In Ipswich. Final was 5 to 3 Ipswich. Christian Gianakakis 2 goals 1 assist, Will Gromko 2 goals, Luke Wile 1 goal 1 assist. Both teams played hard on a rare after-school tilt.


May 20

Ipswich went up against Tribal in Boxford. Both teams played aggressive. Final was 10-10 Christian Gianakakis 1 goal 2 assist, William Gromko 1 goal 1 assist, Luke Wile 5 goals, Connor Wright 1 goal 1 assist, Cody Mello 1 goal, Jasper Johnson 1 goal. Cameron Gianakakis was score keeper and Estelle Gromko was time keeper. Go, Ipswich!