Good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team play and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent citizens.

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  1. FOR EVERYONE: The Registration flow is less than ideal, mostly because before registering for Ipswich Lacrosse, you'll need to register and pay at Mass Bay Lacrosse (for boys) or US Lacrosse (for girls). These are the parent organizations that help cover insurance, communication systems, coaching guidance, etc.)

  2. BUT - the flow is set up so that you begin here at IYL, then mid-way through the form when you're asked for their MBYLL or US Lacrosse ID, you need to go register at those respective sites. 



  1. If you've played before, it's likely that your MBYLL ID # or US Lacrosse # from a previous season will be pre-filled into that field.

  2. But you need to clear that # out and leave the field empty.

  3. After filling in all the other info, hit Submit.

  4. At the top of the page, you'll get an error message saying your MBYLL ID # or US Lacrosse ID # is invalid. 

  5. So click the link in the message to MBYLL and renew or open a new registration there. 

  6.  Once complete, you'll receive an MBYLL ID number and then be taken back to the IYL website.

  7. If your new MBYLL ID did not auto populate that field, you may need to enter it manually. 

    • Note for GIRLS: Your US Lacrosse ID should populate back into the form on automatically.




  1. The fees below represent the TOTAL registration cost (so they INCLUDE the $40 MBYLL fee for boys and the $30 USL fee for girls + the Ipswich Youth Lacrosse (IYL) fee for their age group.

  2. Why are the rates different by age? IYL typically spends more money to run the teams for the older age groups. The older age groups have more indoor or turf practices, have higher officiating costs, receive more specialized coaching and tend to go through more equipment. 


  • U9/Classic 1/2  - $105  

  • U11/Classic 3/4 - $130

  • U13/Classic 5/6 - $175

  • U15 Classic 7/8 - $200




  • Obviously this year none of you are going to miss the deadline. 

  • But, if you do: 

    • you'll pay an additional $50 late fee

    • and we can't 100% guarantee your kid(s) will have a spot on a team

    • So yeah, again, for all of our sakes, please register early



  • Families of 3 or more players will receive a $75 registration discount.

  • If you'd like to be considered for financial assistance, please email  .




  • The above fees do not include the cost of uniforms.

  • Full uniforms for new players or individual pieces can be ordered during the registration process.

  • Size Hint: we recommend sizing up so uniform fits more than 1 year.




  • If the system says your child is ineligible for registration, click on your child's name and confirm that your child's grade is entered correctly.

  • When a team is full, your child can join the waitlist, and if we are able to staff an additional team, we will.

  • Registration for Select Teams will be open in the spring. Opportunities will be available for players in 5th - 8th grades.  

  • Please be aware that the process for boys’ registration changed in 2017.  You must first register your player at, then return to to complete the process. The process for boys' registration is detailed above.




Please contact our player agent, Dianne Dillon at  .






Thank You,

Ipswich Youth Lacrosse