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Registration for the (fingers crossed) 2021 Spring Season is now open! 


IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to Covid, we're not 100% sure what next season we'll look like. So we'll be handling registration a bit differently this year: 



  • For now, you'll only be required to pay your League Fees ($30 for both Boys and Girls this year)

    • Note: these fees won't be refundable if season gets cancelled as it covers insurance through 2021 and league overhead costs.

  • Then, in a month or two, when we have a better idea of what the season will consist of and expected costs, we'll reach back out and ask everyone to pay their Ipswich fees.



  • Clunky, as always, but after starting your registration on the IYL site, near the bottom of the first form, you'll be asked for your players MBYLL number.

  • For Girls: leave this field BLANK and proceed

  • For Boys:

    • clear the field if it populated with a previous season's number 

    • After filling in all the other info, hit Submit.

    • At the top of the page, you'll get an error message saying your MBYLL ID # is invalid. 

    • Click the link in the message to MBYLL and renew or open a new registration there. 

    •  Once complete, you'll receive an MBYLL ID number and then be taken back to the IYL website.

    • If your new MBYLL ID did not auto populate that field, you may need to enter it manually. 



  • ​​We're also going to delay ordering new uniforms for now....

  • And, to help reduce costs, we'll potentially try to set-up a uniform swap.

  • So stay tuned....but in the meantime, have your kids try on their uniforms from last season to see if they still fit.



  • ​​Even with the uncertainty around the exact form the season will take, we still have to tell the League how many teams we're going to have by the deadline in January.

  • But if a bunch of players haven't registered yet, it makes guessing at how many players we have and therefore the number of teams we can field, very tricky.

  • So, please register on time so we can get an accurate count for players (which means more ideally sized teams and more playing time.)



Of course, it's even better to register right now: REGISTER HERE, NOW



QUESTIONS?  Go here for more info.  


by posted 11/20/2019
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